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Dr. Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi

Dr.  Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi

Dr. Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi holds a D.Phil. in Classical Indology from the University of Hamburg. Originally coming from Sri Lanka, he is at present attached to the University of Heidelberg, where he teaches primarily Sanskrit together with Pali, Singhalese and Buddhist thought. His doctoral dissertation deals with the four brahmaviharas, i.e. Benevolence, Compassion, Joyousness and Equanimity in the History of Buddhism.

Previously he taught at the universities of Hamburg and Leipzig in Germany and at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

In 2003 he was awarded with the prestigious Friedrich-Weller-Prize by the Academy of Sciences in Saxony in Leipzig and the University of Leipzig.

  • Fields of research: Sanskrit, Early Buddhism, Early Yogācāra, Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Pāli, Sinhalese
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