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New Publications
Chapters in Nine Nights of the Goddess by Ute Huesken and Astrid Zotter
Kultur und Geschichte Nepals by Axel Michaels
Chapters in "South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal" by Borayin Larios (and Raphael Voix)
Chapters in "International Journal of Hindu Studies" by Monika Boehm-Tettelbach and Anand Mishra
Chapters on 'Rites of Passage' and 'Ritual' by Axel Michaels
Chapter 'Suedasien und Suedostasien' by Axel Michaels
Asketen auf Zeit by Christof Zotter

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New article by Prof. Huesken in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung / RNZ Magazin

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Vortrag / Lecture

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