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Talk by Annu Jalais on 5th October 2016
You are cordially invited to the lecture

"Searching for the South Asian collective via transcendence, the cow and the tiger"

by Dr.Annu Jalais
(Assistant Professor, South Asian Studies Programme, National University of Singapore)


In this paper, Dr. Jalais will explore Prasenjit Duara’s argument, as developed in his recently published book, The Crisis of Global Modernity, that, faced with the unsustainable nature of global modernity it makes sense to turn towards various Asian social and cultural cosmological responses in our search for a more viable future. Taking Descola’s understanding of how our treatment of nonhumans reflect our understandings of ourselves and our societies, Dr. Jalais argues that within South Asian traditions, the Bhakti movement offers a better sense of collective unity and therefore hope of a more sustainable future than does Vedantic Hinduism. She does this by looking at recent events surrounding cows and tigers in India.

Annu Jalais is Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore. She is an anthropologist who works on Bangladesh and eastern India: on refugee and migration issues in the developing world, on the human-animal interface in the global South and repercussions government policies are having on biodiversity and working towards finding sustainable solutions, especially amongst indigenous cultures, for the perpetuation of our planet.

Date: Wednesday, October 5th
Time: 2 pm (14.00h) -4 pm (16.00h)
Venue: SAI, Room 316
Posted on 19 Sep 2016

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