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Vortrag von Prof. Bharat Desai am 29.06.2016
Die Abteilung Politische Wissenschaft lädt herzlich ein:

Current Challenges in International Environmental Governance  

Prof. Bharat Desai
Centre for International Legal Studies,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Dehli

Datum: Mittwoch, 29.06.2016
Ort: Südasien-Institut, Raum 316
Zeit: 2 pm / 14 Uhr c.t.

The global challenge of the environment requires robust, fair and democratic structures of 'governance'. There has been concerted process at work since 1997 to address this challenge under the rubric of international environmental governance (IEG). There has been intergovernmental negotiations guided by the political organ of the United Nations, the General Assembly. Under the supervision of the UNGA, its subsidiary organ - UN Environment Program - has sought to address the issue through the executive organ - Governing Council. This organ itself has undergone metamorphosis in the form of UN Environment Assembly in 2013. The presentation will seek to provide a 'guided tour' of IEG jigsaw and try to make sense of it. From the huge canvass, it will zero in on three concrete issues: (i) up-gradation of UNEP into a 'specialized agency' called UNEPO; (ii) revival of the UN Trusteeship Council to address global commons and the environment; (iii) sorting out maze of 'multilateral environment agreements'.
Posted on 28 Jun 2016

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