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Kapitel von Marcus Nüsser in “Nepal: An Introduction to the Natural History, Ecology and Human Environment in the Himalayas”

Das neu erschienene Buch “Nepal: An Introduction to the Natural History, Ecology and Human Environment in the Himalayas”, welches von Georg Miehe, Colin Pendry sowie Ram Chaudhary herausgegeben wurde, enthält  das Kapitel "Rivers, Lakes and Glaciers" von Marcus Nüsser (Leiter der Abteilung Geographie des Südasien-Instituts), Markus Konz, Nadine Konz und Ludwig Braun.  

In Kapitel 5 wird die Beziehung zwischen Nepals Flüssen, Seen und Gletschern und dem Klima beschrieben. Dies ist nicht nur für Nepal von Bedeutung, sondern auch für die gesamte Region, deren Wasserversorgung aus dem Himalaya stammt.

Informationen über das Buch:
The Himalayas are Earth’s greatest mountain range. They include its highest peaks, and have profound effects on Asia’s climate, biodiversity and human cultures. Nepal is a microcosm for the Himalayas and this is the definitive account of the country’s environment. It includes contributions from more than forty international experts describing the region’s geology, geomorphology, hydrology, climate, soils, evolutionary biology, ecology, palynology, ethnobotany, anthropology and conservation. This newly published review is a companion volume to the Flora of Nepal. It is a statement of our current understanding of the region which presents new data and new perspectives, and highlights the gaps in our knowledge that require further research. It is heavily referenced throughout, and will act as a source book for environmental researchers working in Nepal and its neighbouring countries. The publication of Nepal: An Introduction to the natural history, ecology and human environment of the Himalayas is the direct culmination of four years of work, but it is built on the four decade career of the lead editor, Georg Miehe, one of today’s leading authorities on the ecology of the Himalayas. The forty five other authors who have contributed to the book represent many of the foremost experts on the Himalayas. The book includes a wealth of stunning pictures and although it is primarily written for a professional audience, it will have wider appeal to others with an interest in the region.

08 Feb 2016
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