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Your Librarians' pick

Frazier, Jessica [1975-]


Hindu worldviews : theories of self, ritual and reality / Jessica Frazier. - London ; Oxford ; New York ; New Delhi ; Sydney : 

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017. - xi, 224 Seiten ; 25 cm Includes bibliographical references (pages 207-219) and index.


INHALT: "Designed to help readers deepen their understanding of Hinduism, and reflecting themes central to the study of religion and culture, Jessica Frazier offers Hindu-culture based theories of self, ritual, community, the body, the cosmos and the sacred. Boxed case-studies from a wide number of Hindu texts provide readers with direct access to primary sources in translation, ranging from canonical texts and tantric cosmology, to devotional poetry. Hinduism is often depicted as being so diverse in its regional cultures, doctrinal forms and its history, that it is the most difficult of all of the world religions to understand, or for adherents to explain to others. Hindu Worldviews explains the practice and doctrines of Hinduism using western theoretical and philosophical concepts as a point of entry, connecting Hindu thought and practice directly with both western and Hindu theories. The breadth and diversity of Hinduism is addressed, with each chapter providing an interpretative paradigm to understanding the conceptual rationale behind Hindu ideas, texts, practices, and culture. Reflecting the typical themes and structure of Hinduism courses, Hindu Worldviews provides an accessible new perspective on both Hinduism and modern theory in the study of religion"--.

ISBN 978-1-4742-5156-3 (hbk)


Hinduistische Philosophie / Selbst / Kosmogonie Hinduism ; RELIGION / Hinduism / General ; RELIGION / Hinduism / Rituals & Practice ; RELIGION / Hinduism / Sacred Writings ; Hinduism (LoC Subject Headings)


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Veröffentlicht am 11 Sep 2017
Das ist uns aufgefallen - Your Librarians' pick

Novetzke, Christian Lee [1969-]


The quotidian revolution : vernacularization, religion, and the premodern public sphere in India / Christian Lee Novetzke. - New York

: Columbia University Press, [2016]. - xxiv, 402 Seiten : Illustrationen Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 978-0-231-17580-7 ((hbk.))



Maharashtra / Marathi / Religion / Literatur / Sozialer Wandel / Geschichte 1200-1400 Yādava (Familie) / Marathi / Religiöse Literatur / Ergänzung / Sanskrit / Soziokultureller Wandel / Jñānadeva / Jñānadevī / Maharashtra / Religiöser Wandel / Sozialer Wandel / Mahānubhāva-Sekte / Maharashtra / Religiöser Wandel / Sozialer Wandel


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Veröffentlicht am 16 Aug 2017

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