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Dr. Himanshu Jha: State Processes, Ideas, and Institutional Change

Dr. Himanshu Jha published an article entitled "State Processes, Ideas, and Institutional Change: The Case of the Right to Information Act in India" in the latest issue of the Pacific Affairs (Volume 91, No.2, June 2018). Using historical evidence, this article presents an alternative to the dominant narrative about the evolution of the Right to Information Act in India. Dr. Jha demonstrates that ideas on openness emerged as part of the opposition politics within the state after independence in 1947, gradually and incrementally became part of mainstream politics, and eventually led to the RTIA. The article can be accessed here


Prof. Subrata K. Mitra: Bhutan and Sino-Indian Rivalry: the Price of Proximity

Asian Survey recently published Prof. Subrata K. Mitra’s (former head of the department of Political Science, SAI)  co-authored with Srikanth Thaliyakkattil article on ‘Bhutan and Sino-Indian Rivalry: the Price of Proximity.’ Asian Survey 58(2): 240-260. The article points to how the military standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in the disputed territory of Doklam brought forward the foreign policy dilemmas of Bhutan and its search for an optimal strategy toward its two neighbouring big powers. This paper discusses Bhutan’s attempts to balance its overwhelming dependence on India with the necessity of normal diplomatic relations with China. The article is available:


New Publication "Geschichte Indiens - Vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart" by Dietmar Rothermund

C.H. Beck recently published the book "Geschichte Indiens - Vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart" by Dietmar Rothermund (Professor Emeritus of the Department of History of the SAI).
More information is available here.

Summary (only German)

Indiens Vielfalt an Sprachen und Kulturen ist einzigartig, und doch konnte das riesige Land immer wieder politisch geeint werden. Dietmar Rothermund erzählt seine Geschichte vom Zerfall des antiken Guptareichs über die glanzvolle Zeit der Großmoguln bis zur Gegenwart. Ein Schwerpunkt liegt auf dem 20. Jahrhundert, in dem das Land in einem dramatischen Freiheitskampf gegen die Briten um den Preis der Teilung in die beiden Staaten Indien und Pakistan die Unabhängigkeit errang und zur größten Demokratie der Welt wurde.

Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India published

Heidelberg University Publishing recently published the anthology "Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India" by Simon Cubelic, Axel Michaels and Astrid Zotter. This volume is the outcome of the conference “Studying Documents in Premodern South Asia and Beyond: Problems and Perspective”, held in October 2015 in Heidelberg.

In bringing together experts from different fields—including Indology, Tibetology, History, Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Digital Humanties—it aims at exploring and rethinking issues of diplomatics and typology, the place of documents in relation to other texts and literary genres, methods of archiving and editing documents, as well as their “social life”, i.e. the role they play in social, religious and political constellations, the agents and practices of their use, and the norms and institutions they embody and constitute.

The book is the first volume of the Documenta Nepalica – Book Series, published by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in collaboration with the National Archives, Nepal.

Further information is available here.



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