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Jörg Gengnagel: Monarchische Herrschaftsformen der Vormoderne in transkultureller Perspektive
 In May 2015, De Gruyter published the monograph  „Monarchische Herrschaftsformen der Vormoderne in transkultureller Perspektive“ by Jörg Gengnagel (Interim Professor, Department of  Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical  Indology), South Asia Institute).
Further contributors are: Drews, Wolfram / Flüchter, Antje / Dartmann, Christoph / Höfert, Almut / Kolditz, Sebastian / Oesterle, Jenny Rahel / Schilling, Ruth / Schwedler, Gerald.

The book tries to analyze different monarchies of the pre-modern in the functioning of its political system.
For more information, please see here.
19 May 2015
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