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Themed section on Cultural Heritage in Material Religion
The journal "Material Religion" recently published in issue 3, volume 13, 2017 a themed section on cultural heritage in the wake of the nepal earthquake, the special issue is dedicated to the deceased Dina Bangdel.

15 Aug 2017
Cooperation between the Draupadi publishing house and CrossAsia-eBooks

The Draupadi publishing house in Heidelberg and CrossAsia-eBooks started in Spring 2017 a co-operation to publish electronic Open Access versions of selected books on South Asia that appeared originally as print editions and are not scheduled for reprint.

28 Jul 2017
Article by Jens Zickgraf
The renowned magazine Hau - Journal of Ethnographic Theory recently published in its current issue (volume 7, issue 1) an article by Jens Zickgraf (Research Associate at the Department of Anthropology, SAI). More information about the article entitled "Becoming like money: Proximity and the social aesthetics of “moneyness”" is available here.

11 Jul 2017
New Publication "Gemstones in the First Millennium AD - Mines, Trade, Workshops and Symbolism"
RGZM (Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums) recently published the book "Gemstones in the First Millennium AD - Mines, Trade, Workshops and Symbolism", edited by Alexandra Hilgner, Susanne Greiff, Dieter Quast. The volume includes articles by Kerstin Sobkowiak, Jörg Gengnagel and Borayin Larios (researches at the Department of Cultural and Religious History of South Asia, SAI and members of the project Weltweites Zellwerk - International Framework).

10 Jul 2017
Book Chapter by Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini in "Theorizing India’s Foreign Policy”
The book "Theorizing India’s Foreign Policy” recently published by Routledge, contains a chapter by Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini (PhD researcher and lecturer at the Department of Political Science at the SAI) on “Theorizing Indian Strategic Culture(s): Taking Stock of a Controversial Debate“.
28 Jun 2017
Christiane Brosius and Sanjeev Maharjan: "Breaking Views. Engaging Art in Post-Earthquake Nepal"
Himal Books recently published "Breaking Views. Engaging Art in Post-Earthquake Nepal", co-edited by Prof. Christiane Brosius and Sanjeev Maharjan. The volume presents photographs, interviews and essays of artists and scholars, which reflect the time after the earthquake in Nepal.
13 Jun 2017

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