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M.A. Communication, Literature, and Media in Modern South Asian Languages (KLM)

Programme Structure

The M.A. in Communication, Literature, and Media in Modern South Asian languages focuses on the study of languages, literature, and various media discourses (texts, manuscripts, movies, internet and audio sources) in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil.

Two variants of the course are offered. One option aims to advance skills in two already acquired languages, while the other offers the possibility to start with a new language in addition to an already learnt one.

During the programme, students will engage with books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials, and academic literature in the languages offered by the department. In addition the students will be introduced to methods of text analysis, literary studies, religious studies, and cultural theory.

With an in-depth understanding of topics related to the South Asian region, graduates from the M.A. programme are qualified to enter a number of professions, such as cultural and media related occupations, translation, cross-cultural training, scientific research management, and similar fields. The M.A. also enables graduates to enrol in subsequent PhD programmes.

The course KLM is scheduled over four semesters and is considered a full time study programme.


  • Students learn methodological approaches from literary studies and media sciences and apply them to original language sources.
  • Participants of the M.A. programme develop knowledge of two South Asian languages at an advanced level.
  • Students improve passive and active language skills and undertake practical translations.
  • Students develop a deep inter-cultural understanding that places them on a good footing to conduct research in South Asia.
  • Students learn to present their own research.
  • Students broaden their knowledge of literary and media genres in the studied languages.

Admission Requirements

  • Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil (BHUT) on level 1-4, or comparable language modules in one or two modern South Asian languages.
  • B.A. in South Asian Studies or similar qualifications from a B.A. in the humanities.
  • B1-level knowledge of German recommended.

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