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Pakistan Working Group: Next meeting "Owais Ahmed Ghani: Conflict and Terrorism in South Asia: A Pakistani Perspective", Friday, 27 April 2012
Next Meeting: Owais Ahmed Ghani: "Conflict and Terrorism in South Asia: A Pakistani Perspective"

Friday, 27 April 2012, 4.15 p.m. (16.15 Uhr), SAI room Z 10

Posted on 26 Apr 2012
National Award for SAI Dari-Lecturer Gholam Djelani DAVARY
Recently Gholam Djelani DAVARY, Dari-Lecturer in the Department for Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures at the SAI was awarded with the Honorary Letter of the Republic of Tajikistan on the occasion of the visit by President Imomali Ramon.
Posted on 06 Mar 2012
Pakistan Working Group: Next meeting "Jihad? Terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Germany", 27th January 2012
Date: 27th January 2012
Time: 4.15 p.m. (16.15 Uhr)
Location: SAI, room 316
Posted on 23 Jan 2012
Workshop: "Publics and Public-spheres in Colonial Singapore"
Date: Friday, 2 December 2011
Location: Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 212
Time: 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m

The Cluster project B13 "Engaging with Transcultural Public Spheres: The Case of Tamil-Speaking Muslims in Colonial Singapore" (Prof. Dr. Hans Harder, Torsten Tschacher, PhD) will organize a workshop on "Publics and Public-spheres in Colonial Singapore". Please refer to the attached programme for details.

Folder - Workshop: Publics and Public-spheres Colonial Singapore
Workshop Program
Posted on 28 Nov 2011
INSTITUTSKOLLOQUIUM - Lecture by Prof. Dr. Heeraman Tiwari: "Language, Memory and the Vernacular: The Power of the Ramcaritmanas in India's Epic Culture "
Date: November 3, 2011
Location: SAI, Raum Z10
Time: 06:15 pm
Posted on 03 Nov 2011

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