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Requirements for PhD-applications

Requirements for PhD-applications in South Asian History

1. Should you be interested to pursue a PhD in South Asian History please send a detailed project proposal (ca. 8-10 pages, containing an analytically formulated conceptual research outline, discussing the state of the art, sources to be consulted, road map of research to be conducted, time-schedule, chapter outline of the envisaged dissertation, and short bibliography) and a tabular CV to Prof. Dr. Gita Dharampal-Frick (

2. If the Department Head agrees to act as your PhD supervisor, you will have to apply to the Philosophy Faculty of the Heidelberg University as well.

Please send in the following documents:
a) A verification of prerequisites for admission to examination as stated under §4: diploma (MPhil for South Asian applicants)
b) The title and project proposal of the dissertation
c) A written consent of a professor, stating that she/he will supervise your envisaged dissertation project
d) A tabular CV
e) A declaration about previous or current dissertation projects

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3. As soon as you have obtained the signature of the Philosophy Faculty's Dean, confirming your acceptance as a PhD student, you can register as a regular PhD student at the main University. Please note, that there are deadlines for this.

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Please note: Neither the University of Heidelberg nor the Department of South Asian History can provide any financial assistance or scholarship for your PhD-project. Please arrange for alternative funding from other sources, such as the DAAD or other foundations.

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