Governing Youth in South Asia

Dozent: Elvira Graner
Zeit: Block 14./15. und 28./29. Juni 2013
Raum: SAI R316

Understanding young people and their ideas about politics and social justice is a major challenge not only for policy makers and development partners but also for academics. By their sheer numbers, this group is a core constituency for policy makers and service providers. Yet, in spite of this relevance, there are only a few country-wide studies that specifically concentrate on young people. At the same time, many of these focus on demographic (and health) characteristics whereas political dimensions are usually dealt with rather eclectically, if at all. While young people can be seen as core agents in bringing about moderate social change, they can also be seen as a dynamic force for political upheaval and violence, as has been demonstrated to the world community rather vividly during the past two years across the Arab world.

This seminar investigates into current youth policies and youth surveys in South Asia. It is linked to a series of research projects that have been and are currently carried out across the region (including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan). The focus of the seminar will be a critical assessment of the most crucial issues in regard to youth in the respective countries, in terms of education and access to labour markets, political participation and “digital divide”. The first part of the seminar will discuss conceptual ideas, linking youth and population studies, (geographical) development studies, and aspects of governance.

Sprache: Englisch (evtl. deutsch)