Seminar - Introduction to Political Ecologies

Dozent: M.A. Ravi Baghel
Zeit: Mittwoch, 11:15 - 12:45 Uhr
Raum: SAI E11
Anmeldung: per E-Mail an

This course is intended to introduce students to the exciting interdisciplinary field of political ecology. The course is in the format of a weekly class with a lecture followed by a guided discussion on the topic. The course is divided into three parts. The first set of classes relates to an introduction to the key themes and developments within the field of political ecology on the bases of selected introductory articles. The second set of classes applies the themes introduced in the first part, to a series of case studies, with a greater reliance on class discussions. The final set of classes will consist of student presentations, culminating in a final review class. At the end of the semester students are expected to have acquired a basic understanding of the field of political ecology, sufficient to enable further independent exploration of the field. The case studies and examples will be primarily drawn from South Asia and Southern Africa, and will be useful in learning about some major environmental issues of the South. The students are also expected to move beyond "common-sense" understanding of environmental issues, and to appreciate the global connectedness and the political aspects of environmental degradation in the South.

Leistungsnachweis: Vorbereitung von Diskussionen zu ausgewählten Artikeln, kurze Hausarbeit, Referat