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Binita Sharma

Binita Sharma

Binita Sharma is from Nepal and completed her Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies from Kathmandu University in 2015. Her Master Thesis was titled ‘Educational Status of Child Laborers in the Brick Kilns of Jhaukhel VDC, Bhaktapur District’. As a grant holder of Erasmus Mundus Exchange scholarship, she attended a semester abroad at Uppsala University in Sweden where she got acquainted with a different worldview.

Besides her academic studies, Binita also worked as a teacher’s assistant at Kathmandu University for the undergraduate program of community development for one year. Furthermore, she conducted field research focused on social, political and academic issues in Nepal. Among her other professional experiences are her position as a teacher for two years and anchoring for one year in her home country.

Her interest in gender and women’s health issues led her to join the Health and Society in South Asia program at Heidelberg University. In the future, building upon her knowledge of diverse social issues and gender roles, she would like to work in the sector of social development in Nepal.

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