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Dr. Christian Strümpell

Dr. Christian Strümpell Dr. Christian Strümpell

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Areas of Research - Forschungsgebiete

Urban Industrial South Asia, Economic Anthropology, Political Anthropology


Finished Projects



  • 2006. "Wir arbeiten zusammen, wir essen zusammen". Konvivium und soziale Peripherie in einer indischen Werkssiedlung ("We work together, we eat together". Conviviality and social Periphery in an Indian Company Settlement). LIT-Verlag: Münster.

Edited Volumes:

Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

  • 2014c (with Andrew Sanchez) Anthropological and Historical Perspectives on India's Working Classes. Modern Asian Studies 48 (5): 1233-1241.
  • 2014d (with Andrew Sanchez) Sons of Soil, Sons of Steel. Autochthony, Descent and the Class Concept in Industrial India. Modern Asian Studies 48 (5): 1276-1301.
  • 2014e. (with Daniel Münster) The Anthropology of Neoliberal India: An Introduction. Contributions to Indian Sociology (n.s.) 48 (1): 1-16.
  • 2014f. The Politics of Dispossession in an Odishan Steel Town. Contributions to Indian Sociology (n.s.) 48 (1): 45-72.
  • 2011a. Social Citizenship and ethnicity around a public sector steel plant in Orissa, India. Citizenship Studies 15 (3-4): 485-98
  • 2008a. ′We work together, we eat together′: Conviviality and modernity in a company settlement in south Orissa. Contributions to Indian Sociology (n.s.) 42 (3): 351-81.

Journal Arcticles (not peer reviewed)

  • 2013. The Making of a Working Class in West-Odisha: Stahl und Staat in einem entlegenen Gebiet. South Asia Chronicle 3: 62-85.
  • 2011b. (with Hasan Ashraf) Stress and Modern Work: Ethnographic Perspectives from Industries in Bangladesh. Viennese Ethnomedicine Newsletter 13 (2-3): 24-33.
  • 2008b. (with Jonathan P. Parry) On the Desecration of Nehru's 'Temples': Bhilai and Rourkela Compared. Economic and Political Weekly 43 (19): 47-57.
  • 2001. Industrialization in a 'Tribal Zone': The Desia of Koraput and a Hydro-Electric Power Project. Adibasi 40-41: 71-81.
  • 2000. Kinship in Western Uttar Pradesh. A Re-Interpretation of Sylvia Vatuk's Model of North Indian Kinship. Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (4): 261-76.

Book chapters (peer reviewed)

  • 2014g. The Making and Unmaking of an Adivasi Working Class in Western Orissa, in A. Shah and C. Bates (eds.), Savage Attack. Adivasi Insurgency in India, pp. 200-227. Delhi: Social Science Press.
  • 2012b. (with Julia Eckert, Zerrin Özlem Biner, Brian Donahoe) Law's travels and transformations, in J. Eckert, Z.O. Biner, B. Donahoe and C. Strümpell (eds.), Law against the State. Ethnographic Forays into Law's Transformations, pp. 1-22. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2012c. Law against Displacement: The juridification of tribal protest in Rourkela, India, in J. Eckert, Z.O. Biner, B. Donahoe and C. Strümpell (eds.), Law against the State. Ethnographic Forays into Law's Transformations, pp. 202-27. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2010. Conviviality and Periphery: The Social Life of Industrial Workers in South Orissa, in P. Berger, R. Hardenberg, E. Kattner and M. Prager (eds.): The Anthropology of Values. Essays in Honour of Georg Pfeffer, pp. 104-119. Delhi: Pearson.

Book chapters (not peer reviewd)

  • 2009. (with Peter Berger, Jeanne Berrenberg, Berit Fuhrmann and Jochen Seebode) Feldforschung: Berliner Perspektiven auf eine ethnologische Methode, in P. Berger, J. Berrenberg, B. Fuhrmann, J. Seebode and C. Strümpell (eds.): Feldforschung: Ethnologische Zugänge zu sozialen Wirklichkeiten, pp. 7-40. Berlin: Weissensee Verlag.
  • 2008c. 'Forts and Camps in Tribal Orissa': Industrialization and Kshatriyaization Compared, in G. Pfeffer (ed.), Tribal Society: Category and Ritual Exchange (Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies Vol. 7), pp. 56-78. New Delhi: Concept.
  • 2008d. Chatamput. An Industrial Camp in the Tribal Belt, in G. Pfeffer (ed.), Periphery and Centre: Groups, Categories, Values, pp. 319-40. New Delhi: Manohar.


  • 2014h. 'In the Shadows of the State': Indigenous Politics, Environmentalism, and Insurgency in Jharkhand, India by Alpa Shah. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 20 (3): 599-600.

Curriculum vitae

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Aktuelle Publikationen
Occasional Paper Series

Heidelberg Ethnology

Richard Fox

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Becoming like money: Proximity and the social aesthetics of “moneyness”

Jens M. Zickgraf

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 7(1), 303–326.


Lethal Spots, Vital Secrets: Medicine and Martial Arts in South India

Roman Sieler

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Patient Agency Revisited: "Healing the Hidden" in South India.

Roman Sieler

Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 28: 323-341.


Modern Asian Studies

Volume 48 - Issue 05 - September 2014

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Asymmetrical Conversations

Contestations, Circumventions, and the Blurring of Therapeutic Boundaries

Epistemologies of Healing, Vol. 14, edited by Harish Naraindas, Johannes Quack, and William S. Sax, New York 2014.
In der UB: click here.


The anthropology of neoliberal India: An introduction.

Daniel Münster und Christian Strümpell

The politics of dispossession in an Odishan steel town

Christian Strümpell

Beide aktuell in Contributions to Indian Sociology 48 (Feb. 2014).


Ritual Healing and Mental Health in India.

William Sax

Transcult Psychiatry (Feb. 2014).

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