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Christiane Brosius and Sanjeev Maharjan: "Breaking Views. Engaging Art in Post-Earthquake Nepal"
Himal Books recently published "Breaking Views. Engaging Art in Post-Earthquake Nepal", co-edited by Prof. Christiane Brosius and Sanjeev Maharjan. The volume presents photographs, interviews and essays of artists and scholars, which reflect the time after the earthquake in Nepal.
"Breaking Views. Engaging Art in Post-Earthquake Nepal" asks the question how artists look at their lifeworld after a catastrophe such as the earthquake in Nepal 2015. What does art mean in this context and what can it actually ‘do’? The book, in a collaborative effort,  brings together the expertise of artists and curators, an art historian and an anthropologist, to offer a set of perspectives that reflect friction, fragility and precarity as much as perseverance and resilient strongholds.

Centre-stage of the book are the photographs, interviews and an installation of artist Sanjeev Maharjan. They are discussed as a careful reflection of those weeks and months after the earthquake hit, but beyond that also invite us to address the broader context of art’s role in society, and of an urbanising world in flux. Lastly, the different views in this book also facilitate the ‘breaking’ of dominant narratives of catastrophe that often overshadow individual experiences by means of heightened sensationalism.
13 Jun 2017
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