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New publications on CrossAsia-eBooks
The Open Access publication platform CrossAsia-eBooks published two new books, “Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda” and the “Bibliography of Online Resources on Chinese Strategy, Security and Military Matters”.

The "Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda" describes the life of Swami Sahajananda (1781-1830), the founder of the Swaminarayan Movement, considered by his followers as an embodiment of Krishna. The text describes the biography of Swami Sahajananda and is an important document for the religious situation in Gujarat of its time. The extensive work is composed in Sanskrit and is here presented in an English summary by Peter Schreiner and Jaydev A. Jani.

The online edition is available here.

"The Satsaṅgijīvanam by Śatānanda" can be purchased from 14. Februar 2017 onwards in a hardcover edition at local bookstores or .

The transliterated Sanskrit-Text is available on heiDATA, the research data repository of Heidelberg University.

In his Bibliography of Online Resources on Chinese Strategy, Security and Military Matters, the German Sinologist Oliver Corff presents an overview of the material available online on these subjects. The bibliography will be updated on a regular basis.

The online edition is available here.

If you are interested in publishing your work with CrossAsia-eBooks, please find here further information.

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01 Feb 2017
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