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Exhibition at Alpine Museum, Munich (19/03/2015-10/01/2016)

From March 19th 2015 to January 10th 2016 the exhibition “Over the Himalaya. The expedition to India and Central Asia 1854 to 1858 by the Schlagintweit Brothers” (Über den Himalaya. Die Expedition der Brüder Schlaginweit nach Indien und Zentralasien 1854 bis 1858) organized by the Deutsche Alpenverein (DAV) will be opening at Alpine Museum, Munich.
Prof. Marcus Nüsser, Head of Geography Department, SAI, was strongly involved in the conception and planning of this event. He not only helped to select items on display and contributed significantly to the catalogue, but was also in charge for the cartographic part of the exhibition.
The exhibitions uses roughly 100 water colors (Aquarelle) and other objects as to show the background, context and practical aspects of the expedition. In this historical perspective it sheds light on the inherent conflict of the expedition: While following the academic Humboldtian ideal of doing fundamental research, at the same time the Schlagintweit brothers had to deliver results to their British donators who were much more driven by the practical aspects of the findings.
As part of the lecture program of the exhibition, Prof. Nüsser will deliver a talk on “Die Gletscher- und Siedlungspanoramen der Schlagintweit Brüder im Kontext aktueller Forschung” on May 6th at the Alpine Museum. In this talk Prof. Nüsser will relate the historical expedition to current research on glacier research and borderland studies.
Further information is available here.
18 Mar 2015
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