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Welcome to Carina Zang
Carina Zang (M.Sc.) has joined the Junior Research Group "Environment and Health in Arid Regions: Dynamics of Urbanization, Challenges of Water Resource Management and New Risks for Human Well-Being" ( with the Group Leader Juliane Dame (SAI-Department Geography) in September 2014.
She has accomplished a B.Sc. in nutritional science and a M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Management at the Justus-Liebig University Gießen. In her Master thesis (“Snapshot Sampling of hydro-chemical parameter in an ecosystem in the Ecuadorian Andes”) she analysed land use impacts on nutrient outflows in stream waters.

In her dissertation project she benefits from these experiences looking at land use changes in the context of intensifying agricultural production in arid regions. With a case study in Chile she will assess human-environment dynamics following an integrative approach that combines hydrological and socio-empirical research.
20 Nov 2014
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