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Congratulations to Yang Lu for her dissertation
Congratulations to Yang Lu, Department of Political Science of South Asia Institute for completion of her dissertation (Prof. Subrata Kumar Mitra).
The dissertation entitled "
Dynamics of National Interest and National Identity: A Constructivist Approach to the India-China Relations (2003-2012)" analyses the current India-China relations by using the concepts "national interest" and "national identity" within the framework of social constructivism of international relations.

The thesis argues that the dynamics of national identity and national interest defined by the current international and domestic structures determine the formulation of their foreign policy strategies and thus their bilateral relations. The work is a contribution to the scarce constructivist literature on Sino-Indian relations. 

Yang Lu is since November 2011 Senior Research Assistant at the Department of Political Science of the South Asia Institute.
More information is available here.

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23 Apr 2014
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