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International Workshop in Ellora

From February 18th to 23rd 2013 the International Workshop on “Water & Sacred Spaces: A Case-Study of the Ellora-Khuldabad-Daulatabad Historic Region” organized by the South Asia Institute was held in Ellora. The Indian village is well-known for its cave-temple-complex, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site.

This interdisciplinary and intergenerational event represented a collaborative project sponsored by the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The workshop emphasized on the investigation of the synergistic connection between the variety of water management techniques and the historical and cultural evolution of the region. For this purpose, political state-formation, socio-economic activities as well as the efflorescence of religious cults and their edifices were analyzed in empirical detail.

The comprehensive objective of this workshop consisted in the conduction of preliminary discussions by means of cutting-edge presentations to define a more extensive interdisciplinary research project within the new Indo-German research collaboration program. For more details on the workshop here.

04 Apr 2013
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