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Dr. Peter Snoy passed away
The Directorate and members of staff are united in silent grief over the death of Dr. Peter Snoy who passed away on January 17th 2012 in Ostfildern. Dr. Snoy had started working in the department of Anthropology at the SAI in the 1960s. Already as an undergraduate student he was conducting field research in Afghanistan in 1955/56 when he also met his teacher Karl Jettmar. In 1962 Snoy was member of the Badachschan-Expedition that was organized by the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. After a short employment at the University of Mainz, Snoy followed Karl Jettmar who had been called to the SAI in Heidelberg in 1964. Snoy became assistant of Jettmar. In 1967 Snoy build up the SAI branch office in Kabul where he stayed until 1971. During this time he gave lectures in Anthropology at the University of Kabul. Until his retirement in 1993 Dr. Snoy was with the SAI for 28 years as a member of staff in the Department of Anthropology. In 2009 Dr. Snoy gave a detailed report of his life as a researcher in an interview published on the website "Interviews with German Anthropologists". The funeral service for Dr. Snoy will be conducted on January 27th at 2:00 pm at the Pragfriedhof in Stuttgart.
23 Jan 2012
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