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Filmtalk "Road to Sangam" on July 23rd at Stuttgart
Students of the SAI-courses Mapping Public Sphere (J. Siefert) and Screening the Nation (A. Schott) will prepare a talk on the movie "Road to Sangam" (2009). The talk is part of the programme of  the 7th Indian Film Festival at Stuttgart from July 21st to 25th. "Road to Sangam" is touching upon social topics that were discussed and analyzed in the courses. For the filmtalk the students have developed a joint presentation which sums up central themes of the film. Among these are the role of the public in India, or the representation of the nation in Indian cinema. 

Alexandra K. Schott and Justin Siefert, "akademische Mitarbeiter" at SAI
// Filmtalk: 23.Juli 2010 / 19:30 Uhr / Festivalbar / SI-Centrum Stuttgart / Plieninger Str.
100 / 70567 Stuttgart
// Filmscreening: Road to Sangam / 23.Juli 2010 / 17:15 Uhr
20 Jul 2010
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