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New collections on thematic portal Naval Kishore Press
The CrossAsia thematic portal Naval Kishore Press offers access not only to the Naval Kishore Press Bibliography, but also to digitized Sanskrit and Hindi works from the collection from now on. Among the 44 digitized works 22 titles have already been OCRed and converted to searchable and editable digital texts in Devanāgarī script and Latin transliteration. They can be accessed on Naval Kishore Press - digital. The presentation platform offers a full text search in both scripts. A word or phrase found by searching the full text will be highlighted in the facsimile. Furthermore users can download a high quality OCR-PDF of the facsimile, where the text is fully searchable either in Devanāgarī script or in Latin transliteration.   Some of the already OCRed texts are:         
  • Tulasīdāsa: Rāmāyaṇasaṭīka. Lakhanaū, 1894.       
  • Kanhaiyālāla: Samāsa cakra. Lakhanaū, 1883.         
  • Dūdhadāsa: Rāmāśvamedha bhāṣā. Lakhanaū, 1900.       
  • Jacobi, Hermann: Jaina aura baudha ka bheda: Jain and baudhs taken from the introduction to the Bhadrabahu's Kalpasutra. Lakhanaū, 1897.         
  • J̱ālimasiṃha: Brahmadarpaṇa: upanyāsa. Lakhnaū, 1917.         
  • Jayadeva; Rāyacanda Nāgara: Gītagovindādarśa: arthāt Rāyacanda Nāgara-kṛta Gītagovinda saṃskṛta kā bhāṣā-pratibiṃba. Lakhnaū, 1926.         
  • Jānakī Prasāda Ātma Pyārelāla: Rāgavinoda: jisameṃ bhajana, ṭhumrī, dādarā, pūrvī, bihāga, khammāca, kajarī, addhā, g̱aj̱ala, lāvanī va dohe ādi anekarāga varṇita haiṃ. Lakhnaū, 1914.  
More texts are in preparation. We are looking forward to your feedback!   For questions and suggestions please contact:
Liudmila Olalde (
Nicole Merkel-Hilf (
11 Sep 2017

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Donnerstag, 25.01.2018
Journey of Kubera (the Lord of Wealth)
Zeit: 16:15 Uhr - 17:45 Uhr
Ort: E11, Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
Referent: Prof. Dr. Shobha Rani Dash and Dr. Mudagamuwe Maithrimurti, Universität Heidelberg, Südasien-Institut
Veranstalter: Abteilung Kultur und Religionsgeschichte Südasiens
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