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Professor Dr. Marcus Nuesser’s Exhibition “Environmental Change on a Himalayan scale”, November 06.-09, at India Habitat Centre - Open Palm Court Gallery

Heidelberg University organizes Professor Dr. Marcus Nuesser’s Exhibition on “Environmental Change on a Himalayan scale”, which will take place on November 06-09, at India Habitat Centre, Open Palm Court Gallery. The exhibition will consist of a collection of bi-temporal comparisons, between historical photographs, paintings or maps and repeated photographs, satellite imagery and topographic maps, which will visualize the environmental changes on a Himalayan scale. Examples will be shown from the Nanga Parbat area in the northwestern Himalayas, over Ladakh and Nepal to Sikkim.

The interest for the four-day event is overwhelming and the exhibition will certainly be shown in other cities of India in the next year.

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Posted on 02 Nov 2015
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