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Lecture 'Emotions in Rituals and Ritual Emotions', 9 February 2011, JNUCentre for Historical Studies
South Asia Institute and JNU Centre for Historical Studies cordially invite you to a lecture

Prof. Axel Michaels
Heidelberg University
South Asia Institute/Cluster 'Asia and Europe'

Emotions in Rituals and Ritual Emotions

Wednesday, 9 February 2011, 3 pm
JNU Centre for Historical Studies
School of Social Sciences, Building No.1 Room 001 (GF)

Entry free
In ritual studies one has to differentiate between staged or ritualized emotions and emotions that are triggered or caused by rituals. This differentiation makes up for the modes of rituals but also for a basic distinction in ritual theory. I will first summarize my understanding of rituals in general and then try to exemplify my argument by referring to ritualised weeping with a special reference to material of Nepalese mourning and marriage rituals.
Posted on 08 Feb 2011
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