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Prof. P.C. Sarangi, Ph.D.

Baden-Württemberg Fellow 2006 (April - July)


  • 1984: Ph.D. (Political Science), University of Rochester/New York
  • 1975: M.A. (Political Science), University of Delhi


  • 1998- : Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad (since 2004 Head of Department)
  • 1987-1998: Reader, Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad

Awards and Honors

  • 2000: Fulbright Visiting Lecturer Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2000: Fellow, Salzburg Seminar, Session 384
  • 2002: Linnaeus Palme Fellow, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  • 2004: Fulbright Visiting Specialist Award, University of Illinois, Chicago

Select Publications

  • Liberal Theories of State: Contemporary Perspectives (New Delhi : Sterling, 1996).
  • Political Exchange and Public Policy: A Cross-National Analysis (New Delhi: Concept, 1990).
  • “Economic Reform and Party System in India ”, in: Jos Mooij (ed.), The Politics of Economic Reform in India, New Delhi: Sage, 2005, pp.71-97.
  • “Telugu Desam Party: The Dialectics of Regional Identity and National Politics” in: Subrata Mitra, Mike Enskat and Clemens Spiess (eds.), Political Parties in South Asia (Westport, Connecticut/London: Praeger, 2004)
  • “Economic Liberalisation, Social Transformation and Party System in India”, Review of Development and Change, Vol.VI, No.1, 2001.
  • “Determinants of Policy Change: A Cross-National Analysis”, European Journal of Political Research, XIV, 1986, pp.23-44.
  • “Party and Party System: A Conceptual Analysis”, Political Science Review, 23 (3&4), July-December, pp.189-207.
  • “Role of State in an Era of Globalization” in: Rajen Harshe (ed.), Interpreting Globalization (New Delhi: Sage, 2004).

Research Interests

  • Political Theory
  • Political Sociology of India
  • Public Policy-Making.

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