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“Space Bonding” - a start up as a guest in the SAI

Coordinator: Professor Subrata K. Mitra, PhD (Rochester) and Dr. Jivanta Schoettli
Team Members: Manuel Steinbrenner, Patrick Tunkl, Vito Bica, Steffen Becker

“What you tell me I will keep for one day. What you show me for one week. What you let me create myself I will keep my whole life.“ (Lao Tse)

Space Bonding is an interdisciplinary company based in Heidelberg, Germany. Our objective is to shape urban development processes in a participatory and sustainable way.
The project is financed by the “Exist-Gründerstipendium”, a scholarship for entrepreneurs out of the scientific context which is funded by the ESF (Europäischer Sozialfonds für Deutschland) and the European Union.
Based on an interdisciplinary basic research in cooperation with the SAI, Space Bonding explores the role of different stakeholders in urban development processes with a focus on knowledge economy.
As urban areas are in competition for the best minds in the world municipal governments need to know what attracts members of the knowledge economy to choose a specific area for their dwelling place.
What do stakeholders of knowledge economy expect of an urban space? Are there specific needs? Who actually is a member of the knowledge economy and what are their influences on urban development processes?
To investigate all these questions Space Bonding develops a a web-based application which will help to address these issues to citizens of both an Indian as well as a German metropolitan region. To examine whether Space Bonding uses the right questions and to find out how the obtained data can be used for scientific statements the Chair of Professor Subrata K. Mitra, PhD (Rochester),Head of the Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, will support this experimental approach.

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