Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Examination Module for
Module Information
  • Begings in summersemester
  • Duration: 1 Semester
  • Credit Points: 30 + 10
Course Guidance
  • Anand Mishra, M.A.
  • Contact hours:
  • Tues. 02:00-04:00 p.m.
  • (and also by arrangement)
  • South Asia Institute, Room 305
  • (Email:)  E-Mail

M.A. Thesis and Oral Examination

M.A. Thesis

In the final semester, a student is required to write a Master Thesis consisting of about 60 pages about a topic to be decided in consultation with the thesis supervisor. This constitutes part of the Master Examination and serves to assess that a student is competent to handle in an academically satisfactory manner any topic from the field of cultural and religious history of South Asia.

Oral Examination

An oral examination for ca. 60 min. constitutes one of the requirements for M.A. in Cultural and Religious History of South Asia as the main subject. The examination is supposed to evalute the academic proficiency of a candidate in this field. The viva could be held either in German or in English. In special cases, one of the South Asian languages could be accepted as the medium of examination.

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