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Module Information
  • Begins in summersemester
  • Duration: 1 Semester
  • Credit Points: 14
  • Consists of two courses:
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Philosophy
  • (2 Hrs./Week)
  • Society and Culture
  • (2 Hrs./Week)
Course Guidance
  • Anand Mishra, M.A.
  • Contact hours:
  • Tues. 02:00-04:00 p.m.
  • (and also by arrangement)
  • South Asia Institute, Room 305
  • (Email:)  E-Mail

Research Competence

The aim of this module is to facilitate acquaintance with the technical terminologies of the subject, working with primary and secondary resources, social and cultural analyses and comparison with other areas of research. Students are encouraged to work out a research problem on their own in one of the areas of indigenous knowledge, philosophy, society and culture and present it during the course of the semester.

Some of the courses offered within this module

Indologische Theorien zum indischen Kastensystem

Summersemester 2011
  • PD Dr. Jörg Gengnagel

Vedāntaexegese im 20. Jahrhundert

Summersemester 2011
  • Anand Mishra, M.A.

Reason and Devotion

Summersemester 2011
  • Anand Mishra, M.A.

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