Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Basic Information
  • Begins in Wintersemester
  • Duration: 6 Semester
  • Credit Points:
  • B.A. 50% 74 + 12 CP
  • B.A. 25% 35 CP
Course Guidance
  • Anand Mishra, M.A.
  • Contact hours:
  • Tues. 02:00-04:00 p.m.
  • (and also by arrangement)
  • South Asia Institute, Room 305
  • (Email:)  E-Mail

B.A. Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology)

This B.A. Programme aims to impart a broad exposure to the cultural and religious history of South Asia together with mastering the required methodological and linguistic skills for a potent encounter with this region. The focus, therefore, is on the one hand to intensively learn Sanskrit, which opens up a vast treasure of literary sources, and on the other hand to familiarize oneself with other non-written sources of culture and develop the competence to correlate the two.

The first phase of the 6 semester (3 year) long B.A. Programme concentrates on acquiring good knowledge of Sanskrit, together with introductory courses on cultural and religious traditions and other areas in the field of indological studies as well as basic research methods.

The following modules are covered:

The next phase is dedicated towards a more intensive direct readings of primary textual sources and developing the aptitude to critically analyze and contextualize the content. Simultaneously a second language, reflecting the local traditions, is also learned to complement the Sanskrit sources.

More advanced topics in the field of social-history of Hinduism e.g. Dharma-literature including caste system, life-cycle rituals, social hierarchy and organization of indian society, kingship and law, political systems and gender relationships or in the area of philosophical systems, grammar and other indigenous knowledge are covered in the next phase, which finally provide one of the topics upon which a Bachelor Thesis is submitted.

After completion of the B.A. Programme a student can either continue to study the M.A. Programme offered in the Cultural and Religious History of South Asia or pursue other associated openings.

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